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The Review Report

October 15, 2008

It’s out.

I haven’t got anything to say, because I haven’t finished reading it yet.

The Review

October 4, 2008

The NTER Review Board  passed its report to the Federal Government on Tuesday.  Views were solicited rom all the communities affected by the intervention and an additional 218 submissions were received.  The full list is here and they will be made available over the next few weeks.  Here are a few samples,

Edmund rice Centre

NT Govt

Reconciliation Australia


Indigineous Doctors Association


Human Rights and Resource Law Centre


Tangentyere Council

There aren’t too many surprises in the submissions with a wealth of criticism over poor planning, poorly thought out goals and a focus on extraneous matters at the expense of widely acknowledged and crucial issues, such as housing.  What is less clear is what the Federal Govt’s response will be.

Watch this space.