Mal Brough didn’t have any kind words to say about the Labor Party’s announcement on CDEP.  Labor are promising to retain CDEP and boost funding as part of a job creation package.  Which is rather strange because it was only in February that the Government reaffirmed the role of CDEP in remote communities. 

 We have seen what is a crucial element of the intervention, that is curtailing the amount of cash that can be available for alcohol, drugs and gambling being reinjected into those communities by reinstating of CDEP

More nonsense from the Minister. If someone moves from a CDEP job to a real job, will they miraculously refrain from spending their wages on alcohol or gambling?? 

One good aspect of the CDEP changes is that some jobs currently being paid via CDEP will be funded properly.  For example, $12 million is being provided for workers who are currently being paid CDEP wages in the HACC Program (which provides Meals-on-Wheels and support services to frail elderly people). They will become regular employees of the organisation running the service (usually the local Council). This is entirely sensible.  Ending the entire program to enable quarantining of welfare payments, is not.


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