I was having chat with someone involved in the dental therapy aspect of the intervention.  I was quite impressed at the numbers of kids that they have managed to see – around 2000.  I remarked that they must have pulled a lot of teeth.  I shouldn’t be surprised by anything at this stage, but nevertheless I was by the response.  Very few teeth have been pulled, not because my take on dental therapy was quite crude, but because they weren’t offering treatment, but were doing follow-up checks on the referrals from the child health checks.  Of the 2000 children seen, only 16 received treatment at that point.

Of course, many of these were to be referred on (again) to hospital for their dental treatment, but the sheer stupidity in not resourcing this to provide treatment at that point, is astounding.


One Response to “0.8%”

  1. Frank Baarda Says:

    A while back some dentists came to Yuendumu. Not sure under which auspices (may well be the NTER- but these we no longer know who is who).
    Signs were put up “Everyone Welcome”. A list was produced of people they wanted to see. The list clearly produced from Yuendumu Clinic records, because it included names of people that had since grown up and left Yuendumu.
    A young (white) lady that started work for us went to see the dentist only to be told she wasn’t eligible to be seen. This is a new way for dentists to use their colour chart!!!!
    Incidentally the list of people they wanted to see included at least one white person!
    I supose this is a new way of “closing the gap”… deny medical services to white people.

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