The Three C’s

Consultation, co-operation, commitment.

The new Federal Govt is showing early signs of understanding all three.

Kevin Rudd and Indigenous Affairs Minister, Jenny Macklin, are in Darwin today meeting with the both the NT Govt and Indigenous leaders from across the NT.

This is Rudds commitment, which his Govt will need to be kept to,

We want to ensure that our overall objective of closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous life expectancy, Indigenous and non-Indigenous education attainments is done on a cooperative and consultative basis, so that we achieve progress together….

Sanity. Some might say that’s it only words, but the meetings occurring today are what had been missing from the Brough/Howard approach.




2 Responses to “The Three C’s”

  1. melber Says:

    I think Rudd will stick to these – he seems very methodical. I believe him because he put indigenous affairs right up at the front of his victory speech on election night. Anyway, I hope so.

    Do you know who the 25 were? Where was Scrymgour in all this?

  2. nawagadj Says:

    I believe that Rudd and Macklin meet with Henderson (CM) and Scrymgour seperately and before the meeting with Indigenous leaders. I don’t know who they all were, but there were reps from the LCs, major communities and educational groups.

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