Saving the Kids from SBS

This is bizarre.

Mal Brough’s title should be changed to The Minister for Families, Communities, Indigenous Affairs and Public Morality.

If you missed this, The Federal Governments latest knee-jerk response is to legislate for the banning of R rated TV in Aboriginal lands in the NT. The original obsession with banning pornography was strange enough, given that there is no link between adults watching pornography and the sexual abuse of children, so the rationale for this is a mystery to me.

However, some Aboriginal people have expressed concern about ‘pornography’ on SBS and pay-TV. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, this will include movies like ‘Pan’s Labyrinth‘ and ‘Wolf Creek‘. The fact that it’s probably impossible to actually enforce, hasn’t stopped the Minister from careering down this latest blind-alley. Though you have to wonder, why, if Brough believes this nonsense, is he prepared to leave the rest of Australia’s children exposed to the menace of the depraved SBS-watchers.

But no-one should be too surprised by such incredibly simplistic ideas. Last year Mal Brough made it clear that this is exactly the kind of thing we could expect when he said in regards to the problems in remote communities, I don’t think they have complex answers”. He’s quite famous in my work area for his amazing statements about the troubles in Wadeye last year. There were 2 rival ‘gangs’ in Wadeye causing lots of property damage, one of them was called ‘Judas Priest’ and they were into heavy metal paraphernalia. Brough showed his deep insight by declaring that it was all the fault of TV,

it’s because its been jammed down their throats through television, particularly watching Rage on the ABC, quite frankly

I kid you not.


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