Survey Teams

One feature of the NTERT was the promise to send out survey teams to remote communities. This was Mal Broughs’ explanation,

Teams will start visiting communities this week to meet and talk with the communities about the Australian Government’s decision and commitments and to asses the infrastructure and additional resources communities require.

The Survey Team has just visited community K. in the Top End where my friend, who shall remain nameless, lives and works. So what the are they doing with their ‘surveys’?

The Survey Team consisted of 9 people. Three from Norforce and the rest from a variety of Commonwealth agencies such as the ICC and OIPC. It turns out the Survey Teams’ survey consist of little more than asking a variety of community organizations for data/informrtion that is already available and that the Federal Government, or its’ agencies, already possess. For instance, the Council was asked for details on the unmet housing need. Did 9 people really need to travel to a remote community to ask this?

They flew in, they asked questions to which the answers are already known, they flew out.

This was my friends rather blunt assessment of the day,

They were just waving the flag, so that they can say that remote communities have been consulted.


One Response to “Survey Teams”

  1. Jangari Says:

    That was very much the sense I got when we were visited on the 3rd. Notably, they didn’t have terribly much more information than we’d heard already from the media, especially with respect to the quarantining of welfare payments. When we asked about the specifics – would it be a card or vouchers, would centrelink control the money, would you have to go into a centrelink office and prove you bought food – they had no more clue than we did.

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