Exemplary Planning

A major emphasis has been placed on the issue of quarantining welfare payments for Aboriginal people in remote communities, to ensure that money is appropriately spent. Mal Brough fist raised the idea in April last year . You might think that this means the Federal Government has been busy investigating the idea and working out practical details for what would be a very complicated and potentially counterproductive move. Of course, you’d be wrong. Brough’s idea, reinvigorated by the “Little Children are Sacred” report has become official policy, endorsed by the Cabinet on Tuesday. Details were to be announced yesterday, but that has now been delayed. No doubt because they are still trying to figure out a way around the significant practical problems of actually doing it. Larvatus Prodeo has a good discussion on the topic. It follows that in the 14 months since the Minister raised it as an issue, his department has done no work on researching the proposal in terms of likely benefits, practical problems, and implementation.

Or perhaps they did and told him it wasn’t a rational policy response to the problem?


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